Walking With Dinosaurs, also known as WWD, is a user-made expansion pack made by HENDRIX. It is based on the dinosaur appearances in a mini series with the same name, Walking With Dinosaurs by BBC, though HENDRIX stated that he aimed to make a middle point using the color schemes of the series combined with recent discoveries to make more realistic animals.

The expansion includes many dinosaur species, as well as several other extinct animals, which are organized in one pack for each episode of the series.

Another notable feature is that some animals got brand new animation sets, which is the case for the theropods and pterosaurs.


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WWD 1 New Blood (HENDRIX)

New Blood animals

WWD 1: New Blood


Animal Food

WWD 2: Time Of The Titans


Animal Enrichment

WWD 3: Cruel Sea


WWD 5: Spirits Of The Ice Forest


WWD 6: Death Of A Dynasty


WWD 7: Land Of Giants


WWD 8 Giant Claw (HENDRIX)

Giant Claw animals

WWD 8: Giant Claw


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