• Hey, so I want to build a really large savannah zoo so I downloaded the Extra Large Grassland map from Marvels 3volved Holiday Pack (or Cretaceous Calamity). When I loaded in the map I realised that it wasn't exactly what I wanted but it was the closest thing. So I want to know how can I change this extra large grassland map to be like a savannah map? I want to change the background to the yellow savannah background with the acacia trees and mountains in the distance (as well as the little biome part just putside the fence that is the same as inside the fence but can't be altered), as well as changing the ambient birds and animals (so, for example in a grassland map the ambient bird is a pigeon but in a savannah map it's a vulture or an oxpecker - I want to change it from a pigeon to an oxpecker) and finally I want to change the ambient background sounds to be like the sounds from a savannah map (birds chirping in the background, bugs buzzing). Or, if it's possible, I want to change the entire map to just basically be an extra large savannah map. So if anyone out there knows how to do it, can you please help me achieve my goal? I'll post pictures of the background and animals to show you how I want it to change, and videos of the sounds that I want to change. So if anyone has modding knowledge and knows how I could change the map and accomplish my wish, please let me know and help me out. Thanks.

    Note for the pictures: the first three pictures will be of the XL Grassland map and will have notes telling you what I want to change. The last four pictures will be what I want to change them to. With the two  ideos, I found the best ones I could to represent the two biomes and their sounds but in both it may be a little heard to hear, so pay close attention to the sounds in the back and you'll see the difference between them and what I want to change.

    Picture 1

    Zoo Tycoon 2 Zoos 1, Grassland

    Zoo Tycoon 2 Zoos 1, Grassland

    Welcome to the savannah

    Welcome to the savannah


    Picture 7


    Picture 4


    Picture 5


    Picture 6

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    • This is not really the place ask this kind of question.  You need to ask on ZT2 Round Table.

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    • Ok so I asked the same question on ZT2 Round Table, and npbody has responded to me even though my message has been seen by 30 people. Are you sure nobody on this website will be able to help me?

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    • A FANDOM user
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